As cyber attacks targeting crucial infrastructure continue to increase in number and intensity amidst a constantly evolving landscape of threats, the need for a proactive, evolving cyber defense is more important than ever. Our CRI solutions leverage technologies from big names in cybersecurity like AT&T and Carbon Black, and pair them with decades of customer support and utility industry expertise. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your systems and data from attackers. Our analysts remain vigilant against all threats 24/7, allowing you to focus on what really matters, supporting the people and communities you serve. #TechTransformed


We design our best-in-class tools with real utility professionals in mind, delivering the robust technology and services that help CSR’s, Dispatchers, Operations personnel, and more all do what they do best, provide personal, outstanding service and support to the people and communities they serve. ReportIQ is a gamechanger, a powerful and versatile cloud-based analytics platform revolutionizing the way data is leveraged at utilities large and small. With ReportIQ, CSR’s can proactively assist members and customers before issues can arise, freeing them to assist callers in more intuitive, maybe even mysterious ways. #TechTransformed


Tap into the power of Meter Data Management, our analytics solution which captures energy usage data from each meter on your line in near real-time. Easily gather insights and study trends. Forecast future demand and stay ahead of your peaks. #TechTransformed


Tech Transformed: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Tech Transformed is our pledge, and a rallying cry for like-minded individuals seeking new, creative ways of technological problem solving. Our task is to transform, push farther, and confront the assumptions and biases that hold us back from our peak potential. We constantly challenge ourselves alongside existing thought and structures with the hope that the next big breakthrough is just a little farther up the mountain. Truly transformational work is always daunting, requiring drive, dedication, and time, but as experts in the fields of support and problem solving, we’ll never be afraid to put ourselves out there and take that all important first step. #TechTransformed