SEDC and ATS are joining forces in early 2017 to form a combined team of more than 500 professionals focused on solutions that improve customer service and delivery reliability. The two companies will serve a collective organization of over 530 utilities across the United States.

  • ATS customers will gain access to a large portfolio of complementary software solutions including SEDC’s industry leading data analytics, and cybersecurity tools and services.
  • SEDC customers will benefit from the combined R&D and innovation contributions of ATS.
What did we announce today?

SEDC (Southeastern Data Cooperative) is acquiring ATS (Applied Technology Solutions), effective in Q1 of 2017.

How quickly will this happen?

Pending approval from SEDC and ATS attorneys, we expect to have the agreement completed in February 2017.

What do they do and how do they do it?

ATS and SEDC are leaders in the development of innovative utility software solutions including CIS/Billing, accounting, capital credits, data analytics, engineering and operations. SEDC also offers cybersecurity solutions and services.

What will take place during the transition process?

All ATS and SEDC members and clients will continue to receive the same solutions and services. Employees of both companies will continue to deliver on our commitments without change in management. ATS will continue to do business under its name with the same management, staff and great customer service. Leaders from both organizations will conduct meetings with customers, partners and employees to provide additional detail and opportunities for discussion in the days and weeks following the close of the acquisition.

Why is ATS doing this?

By joining with SEDC, ATS will become part of an organization with over 530 utility customers across the country. ATS will gain access to a large portfolio of innovative complementary software solutions offered by SEDC, including SEDC’s cybersecurity solutions and services. ATS believes SEDC is a great cultural fit because the two companies share the same values, focus and priorities. With this initiative, ATS will have access to more resources to assist with the completion of Project Meridian, a new development initiative to advance ATS’ software technology and more functionality over time.

Why is SEDC doing this?

SEDC’s members will benefit from the expanded research and development resources of the two teams of development professionals. SEDC sees ATS as an excellent cultural fit for them as they share the same values, focus and priorities.

Do you have a financial forecast for the first year?

We expect both companies to experience continued financial growth.

Will the name of the ATS company change?

ATS will still be doing business under the ATS marketing name.

Do we plan to (sell/acquire/merge) others areas as well, and if so, when?

Not at this time, but we continue to explore opportunities that can bring value to all our customers and are a good cultural fit for our organization.

Why does this acquisition make sense for ATS’ clients?
  • As a new division within SEDC, ATS’ current clients will join with over 530 utilities across the country.
  • As part of SEDC, ATS customers will gain access to a large portfolio of complementary software solutions.
  • SEDC is a great cultural fit for ATS and our clientele. As a non-profit cooperative with more than 40 years of successful service, SEDC shares the same values, focus and priorities as ATS and our clients.
  • ATS will gain access to world class cybersecurity solutions and services available to SEDC members.
  • ATS will gain increased access to SEDC’s utility technology innovation.
  • SEDC will provide additional working capital that can be used for other needed capital investment priorities.
How will you know you’ve achieved your objectives?

Both SEDC and ATS will continue to operate and measure our successes the same as we have done in the past, with a priority on customer satisfaction and supporting our clients’ goals of providing safe, reliable and cost-effective power to their communities.

What are the general terms of the acquisition?
  • SEDC is acquiring ATS. The two organizations will form a combined team of more than 500 professionals focused on solutions that improve customer service and delivery reliability. The two companies will serve a collective of over 530 organizations across the United States.
  • ATS becomes a part of the SEDC family of companies, which includes Futura Systems, Inc. and Arista Information Systems.
What are the other companies in the SEDC family that ATS is now joining?

Futura Systems

Futura Systems, Inc. began 60 years ago as the mapping division of Patterson & Dewar Engineering, ultimately establishing itself as a national leader in innovative and accurate mapping technologies. In 2007, Futura joined with SEDC to offer utilities the very best mapping, staking, outage management, and work order management services available, through SEDC’s utilityPOWERnet application and separately through integration with several other utility software applications.

Arista Information Systems

In 2001, Arista Information Systems was brought into the SEDC family to offer customers a paper billing service which complements our industry-leading utility billing software. Arista’s goal is to make billing easy – and we accomplish this goal by offering complete printing and mailing services for all of your utility’s bills, invoices, checks, and notices.

How do ATS clients know that ATS’ priorities won’t be lost inside a bigger entity?

SEDC is a cooperative whose member owners share the same priorities, values and focus as ATS. With the acquisition, ATS’ five board members will also become part of the SEDC board.

When will we know more?

The letter of intent has been signed and approved by the five cooperative boards of ATS five cooperative owners. The terms call for a deal closed in Q1 2017. Both companies will provide additional detailed information via a variety of communications tools as soon as the acquisition is complete. ATS will join SEDC in a Member Enrichment Meeting February 26 (being held during Tech Advantage 2017 in San Diego).

How will this change affect me? What benefits might I gain?
  • The acquisition means you can expect to gain access to more products and advancements from the two most dynamic development teams in the industry.
  • The combined financial assets, research and development resources, and people to serve you now comprise the largest and most experienced organization dedicated to serving the evolving needs of the utility community.
  • The acquisition allows you to have peace of mind that the investments you make – in customer engagement, back-office business, workforce management or mission-critical software – will remain relevant, compliant, and cohesively integrated under the umbrella of the SEDC family of companies.
Will I still have the same account manager and service representatives?

Yes, you will continue to have the same access to all the professionals who currently serve your organization.

Will I still have access to the same solutions and products?

Yes, you will continue to receive support and product deliverables and updates with the same level of commitment to exceptional work product tailored to your needs.

What if I just bought a solution from ATS or SEDC? Will my warranties or other provisions change?

All warranties and provisions of service continue as purchased.

Will some of my products be replaced by new ones? Will there be integration or migration of my core platform? If so, when and how long will this take?
  • SEDC plans to continue its proven strategy of integrating solutions within its family of companies much as it has been able to do with Futura and Arista, allowing it to provide an unmatched breadth and depth of innovative solutions to its customers.
  • Through the combined research and development resources of ATS and SEDC, customers gain an accelerated pace of innovation in the solutions available to them.
  • ATS customers will gain access to some new offerings, such as SEDC’s advanced cybersecurity solution.
Who should I contact for more information?

Contact Troy Schake, Chief Business Development Officer, SEDC, at or (678) 906-2359.