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Software Solutions

Are you using technology to your best advantage?

SEDC provides a vast selection of product offerings and a highly qualified support team to help you leap over those hurdles, allowing your utility to focus more on customer needs.

Like water, technology is essential to our lives. The pairing of the two is a natural progression in overcoming the challenges the water industry faces on a daily basis.

  • Does your CIS software integrate smoothly with your general and work order accounting software?
  • Do you have software in place that will map water meters, as well as provide cyber security?
  • Are you worried you cannot offer your customers an IVR experience because of exorbitant costs to replace your older phone technology?
  • How are you managing your increasingly mobile workforce?
  • Is there a company that can offer all these services at one low cost?

For over four decades, SEDC has been a leader in the development of innovative, enterprise utility software solutions. We offer a cost-effective and truly all-in-one integrated enterprise solution that solves a variety of water utility needs. We have a proven track record of providing cost-saving solutions with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our consumer Billing and General Accounting software suites are the most robust and complete in the industry, providing every function necessary to efficiently operate a distribution utility while helping you control expenses.

Our suite of software applications is designed to be used by every utility employee, including Customer Service Representatives, Field Service Representatives, supervisors, executives, as well as mechanics and warehouse workers. It manages everything from consumer payments to employee payroll, with an ease of navigation that has earned raves from utilities around the country.

One Enterprise Utility Software Package Can Eliminate Obstacles and Promote Efficiency

Our Engineering arm, Futura Systems provides core-Esri solutions allowing your utility to deliver better customer service and make stronger business decisions through mapping meters, tracking field crews, validating staking jobs and outage management, as well as tools that deliver powerful, operational intelligence analytics and reporting metrics.

See how First Utility District of Knox County is using Futura FieldPro to improve their backflow testing process.

Bill Printing & Mailing

Our high-volume laser printing and mailing service seamlessly interacts with our billing software, allowing you to deliver traditional and electronic statements, add billing inserts, and include custom messages to your customers.

Financial Services

SEDC’s payment processing services are designed to save your utility time and money by securely processing credit card and electronic payments, reducing the cost of lockbox remittance, taking the headaches associated with returned checks, all while your customers’ payments posted to their account in real time.

Remote Payment Terminals

Our secure terminals can be placed anywhere there’s an internet connection, securely accept credit cards or e-checks based on your utility’s preferences, and update our CIS database in near real time. By placing terminals at key outposts throughout your service territory, you can enable additional secure payment locations without increasing demand on your customer service representatives.


Our Cyber Resilience Initiative will assist your utility in achieving PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, delivers cyber awareness education for your employees, and provides 24/7 monitoring and protection against intrusion for your critical network assets.

Data Analytics

Our powerful IQ analytics platform delivers intelligence that allows you to dig deep into your data to truly capitalize on the information available, blending data sources from multiple systems, and offering you the flexibility to gather data exactly the way you want to see it. IQ gives you virtually unlimited options to see patterns, identify trends, and discover visual insights in seconds.

Advanced Security

Our industry-leading full database encryption service helps address regulatory compliance requirements by protecting sensitive data on the network, on storage media, and within the database from unauthorized disclosure.

Mobile Workforce Management

Achieve a totally paperless workflow that allows your office and field crews to update orders in real-time. Mobile Workforce streamlines the both the service order and the collection process, and saves time by allowing your dispatchers to prioritize orders to available field service representatives based on crew/location proximity thanks to integrated AVL (automated vehicle locator) tracking.

Fleet Management

Better manage your vehicles, attachments, and assets with a comprehensive system for tracking repair orders, preventive maintenance and inspection requirements, and product warranty support.

Document Imaging

A core feature built into the foundation of the SEDC suite, Document Imagingallows a wide variety of documents and forms to be automatically imaged and securely stored right in the UPN database, putting everything you need to manage accounts, track jobs, verify checks, and archive service orders at your fingertips.

Mobile Apps

Our easy-to-use, highly configurable smart apps for Apple, Android and Mobile Web provide your customers with a one-touch secure way to stay informed by accessing maps and directions to offices and pay stations, utility contact information, energy conversation tips, and even link to your utility’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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