UPN’s BIS accounting software offers an easy, convenient way for utilities to save major amounts of money: the online purchasing program called ezRFQ. This internet-driven service allows third-party vendors to offer competitive prices directly to your utility for specific inventory, services, or equipment! Through an integrated reverse-auction bid process, you simply indicate what you’re looking for, and ezRFQ will scour the internet to research and deliver quotes. You’ll be a more educated consumer by comparing prices, saving both time and money for your utility.

SEDC’s ezRFQ further simplifies the buying process by having the entire setup performed within UPN, our industry-leading utility software solution. And once you approve the winning bid, the system automatically creates a purchase order in the financial accounting system and electronically delivers it to the vendor. Plus, in addition to the immediate financial savings, you’ll find that ezRFQ will help your utility stay on schedule, streamline your buying procedures, and can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to manually compare prices over the phone and via fax.