Central to many utility’s customer support strategies, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems improve customer service and reduce operational costs. And now you can leverage your IVR investment by integrating it with UPN, our all-in-one utility software solution.

UPN’s secure and seamless integration with your IVR system allows your consumers to perform account inquiries, pay their bills, create payment extension plans, and update telephone numbers – all without the cost of a live Customer Service Representative. Information is always instantly updated in UPN’s CIS billing system – plus, the data flows both ways! As soon as a consumer’s account information is changed within UPN, the information is automatically sent to your IVR system – ensuring that your consumers will always have access to the most current account information. By combining the power of your IVR system with UPN’s utility billing software, your workforce will be able to concentrate on more complex customer service tasks, improving their efficiency, flexibility, and overall productivity.