Our Customer Service Portal is a convenient way to connect with your customers 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… 365 days a year.  The Customer Service Portal can help promote your brand and improve operational efficiency while giving consumers 24/7 access to many of the services you provide – like online bill payment, application to start service, profile updates and much more.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Intuitive, tabbed navigation specified and controlled by your utility
  • Customizable features, including panels and functionality, graphics, colors and font
  • Standardized business logic applied to all customer arrangement requests
  • Bill payment via credit card or bank draft – with bank transit numbers validated in UPN
  • Account and billing history viewable via links to your Bill Payment and Presentment site
  • Direct pathway for customers to set up Alerts & Reminders based on events you define in UPN
  • Self-service access to many common account services, including:
    • Online Billing
    • Start/Stop Service
    • Alerts & Reminders
    • Budget and Levelized Billing
    • E-Notifications and e-Bills
    • Account Profile Updates
    • Payment Arrangements
    • Customer Service Online Chat
    • Credit Card Draft, Bank Draft and Auto Pay



Promote your brand by configuring the graphics, colors and text of the Customer Service Portal to match your utility’s online presence.

Empower customers to stay informed and manage their energy use.

Easy-to-use portal acts as a virtual CSR for existing customers and a landing page for new customers – reducing inbound calls to your Customer Support Center and freeing up CSRs to deal with more pressing consumer issues.

Save time and increase accuracy by allowing customers to enter and update their personal and financial information – which is then validated in UPN or by a CSR.

Enhance the customer experience by offering a convenient way for consumers to manage their accounts without having to call or visit your offices.