UPN’s Consumer Information System (CIS) and Billing software is the easiest, smartest, and most secure means of managing consumer accounts for any type of utility service. With UPN’s groundbreaking utility billing solutions, consumers can receive a single bill for a myriad of functions, including electric, water, gas, and over thirty other ancillary services.

While bills are generated automatically, consumer information is readily accessible through UPN’s easy-to-use inquiries and searches. With just a few quick keystrokes, your CSRs can obtain and modify any data relating to a consumer, including specific details about location, meter, special equipment, account balances – and more! And when a CSR makes changes to a consumer’s profile, the consumer’s information is instantly updated throughout the database.

  • Detailed CIS searches and inquiries
  • Instant data retrieval
  • Immediate profile updates

To facilitate customer service, UPN offers many different ways for payments to be posted. The time-saving batch postings can post hundreds of records at once, and are checked by state-of-the-art review functions for instant reduction of errors. Payments can also be posted via our integrated cash register system, UPN’s intuitive customer service option which provides immediate verification of credit card payments and instant database updates. An arrangements system provides systematic and traceable methods by which consumers can defer payments or select variable payment terms. Consumers can also make payments in the comfort of their own homes using UPN’s online Bill Presentment and Payment (BPP) system, where real-time information on meter readings, payment history, and payment arrangements are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Instant database updates for credit card payments
  • Rapid, error-free batch postings
  • Verified Cash Register payments
  • Arrangements for deferred or variable payments
  • Online pay-from-home availability

UPN’s CIS system can produce over 200 standard reports, as well as custom reports – all of which can be converted into numerous file formats for easy integration into other applications such as Word and Excel. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with vendor products to offer even more payment options, such as Remote Payment Terminals, Bill Print services, and Prepaid Metering accounts!