Our advanced Cash Register seamlessly connects the payment collection process with all of the information stored in UPN’s CIS database – providing your cashiers with the tools they need to accurately and efficiently process a variety of billing transactions.

Key Features

  • Completely configurable and intuitive interface
  • Customizable receipts
  • Historical information displayed in chronological order or via pre-defined categories
  • “Lunch Break Totals Separators” that keep a separate tally when multiple employees work the same till
  • Multi-pay option for processing cash, check or credit card payments in any combination
  • The ability to pre-define payment codes in the Control file
  • Disconnect notices displayed in red for easy identification
  • The ability to view images even when you’re not inside the register



Accommodate your customers by accepting credit cards, checks or cash in any combination.

Access bills, service orders, arrangements, contracts and much more without having to leave the register.

Reach consumers with a variety of messages through Cash Register’s customizable receipts.

Eliminate the need to set aside and manually enter non-utility and consumer payments by predefining payment codes in the Control File.

Integrate with UPN’s Work Management System and enjoy additional features such as payment confirmation emails to notify your field service personnel when payments are received so scheduled work can move forward.