As a core component of UPN, our fully integrated Approval System is designed with all the flexibility you need to take control of your approval workflows – without having to learn an entirely new process.

Key Features

  • Intuitive prompts and notifications
  • Flexible and configurable components designed to fit any business model
  • Multiple approval paths for each request type
  • The ability to process purchase orders and templates
  • Seamless integration with multiple core modules throughout UPN
  • A “Wildcard Search” that allows you to search for an invoice by detail line description or buyer
  • The ability to set up and store a list of preferred manufacturers and packaging
  • Editable comments to individual detail lines that will be seen in the Approval system



Seamless integration across multiple core modules throughout UPN allows approvals to easily move across a variety of departments – without your having to purchase additional software.

Our intuitive dashboard saves time and helps keep the approval process running smoothly by storing all requests, exceptions and approval history in one convenient, easy-to-access location.

SEDC’s Approval System ensures the accuracy of the approval process by proactively confirming whether your request should be submitted for approval – and then automatically moving each item through the process based on paths you define.

Individual approval limits help you manage the integrity of your approval process and ensure that expenses are managed and approved by the appropriate employees.

Our totally paperless Approval System helps save money on printing and paper supplies – which improves your bottom line and helps protect our environment.