That’s Why There’s UPN – Your Total Utility Software Solution.

Only one software program covers every aspect of a utility’s business – and that’s utilityPOWERnet (UPN), SEDC’s easy-to-use suite of integrated Billing (CIS), Accounting (BIS), and Capital Credit (CC) utility software. Utilizing single point of entry capabilities, UPN is designed to be used by every utility employee, including Customer Service Representatives, Field Service Representatives, supervisors, executives, as well as mechanics and warehouse workers! It manages everything from consumer payments to employee payroll, with an ease of navigation that has earned raves from utilities around the country.

In addition to its numerous integration points, UPN’s electric/gas/water software has three major components: Billing, Accounting, and Capital Credits. Their vast array of functions, along with the seamless interaction between the three systems, is what makes UPN so exceptional.