Document Imaging

Replace The Time-Consuming & Expensive Method Of Scanning Your Files With The One-Click Document Access

Scan your files with a fast, accurate way of storing and accessing information.

Retriever’s built-in templates, comprehensive security settings, pre-populated fields and customizable features deliver fast, accurate and intuitive access to the documents you need to manage accounts, track jobs, verify checks and archive service orders.

Comprehensive security settings can be set to allow you to designate roles and authorization access levels for individuals or groups.

Dozens of document types can be imaged then securely stored, retrieved and shared with just a click of your mouse – allowing you to save time, save money and help protect the environment!

Securely Store and Retrieve Documents with these Key Features

  • Built-in templates eliminate the need to scan and input metadata
  • Documents can be viewed as lists or thumbnails in SEDC’s Document Viewer
  • Viewing, printing, scanning and other preferences are highly customizable
  • Documents can be filtered based on your security permissions
  • Handwritten notes and other supporting documentation can be imaged and stored
  • Comprehensive security settings allow you to set up roles and authorize access levels
  • Pre-populated fields include account number, service order number and location number
  • SEDC software integration means documents can be easily edited, distributed and shared between departments