Help Your Utility Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiencies With An Easy & Convenient Solution

Your customers are empowered with more payment options and greater insight in to their usage.

Once established, these “pay-as-you-go” accounts practically manage themselves – with customers monitoring their energy use online or over the phone, purchasing energy in advance and adding to their accounts as often as they like.

And as an integral component of SEDC’s Meter Data Management System, Prepaid Metering gives Customer Service Representatives complete access to account details, as well as many core billing processes, fees and charges – while providing your customers with a variety of options to manage their electricity use and control their energy costs.

Achieve Another Level of Service with these Key Features

Customer Service Representatives can:

  • Access account details, core billing processes, fees and charges
  • View balances, usage and payment history
  • Keep a running tally of bad debts owed and recovered
  • Set up “pay-as-you-go” accounts using Prepaid Metering’s to-the-penny calculations
  • Monitor disconnect thresholds and initiate disconnects within your AMI system

Customers can:

  • Avoid costly deposits
  • Eliminate disconnect fees
  • Manage their energy use
  • Configure automated alerts and reminders and voice alerts
  • Make payments in increments that don’t strain their budgets