If You Don’t Have SEDC’s Premium Communications, There Is A Risk Your Utility Messages Might Not Be Received

Ensure your customers receive vital information through all the communication channels they use.

Access to utility account information has skyrocketed since the introduction of new communication technologies through Smart App’s/Phones, Tablets, and Wireless Internet.

In addition, Outage Management and Meter Data Management software offer more accurate outage and billing updates through various levels of customer communications.

As different forms of communication grow exponentially, messages reported as spam via text are a huge problem for cellular providers. Consumer complaints prompted the FCC to set messaging regulations and gave cellular carriers the authority to place extensive filters. 

The continuous aggressive filtering when sending emails and email to text to consumers presents constantly evolving challenges. As a result of these restrictions, failed message deliveries can occur and cause your customers to not receive the vital information you send.

SEDC’s Premium Communications offers message sending approval from the FCC through the use of “Short-Code.” This “Short-Code” makes SEDC (you) an authenticated or known sender.

Premium Communications makes it possible for your utility to surpass triggered unsolicited text message filtering.  Cellular Carriers won’t filter out any SEDC hosted messages and you’ll receive a receipt when every message is delivered.