Support Gateway

Gain A New Way To Reach Your Customers While Boosting Productivity

When a Customer Service Representative initiates a chat with a customer, a wealth of information become immediately available.

Now that the internet has emerged as the world’s greatest source for commerce, more and more companies have moved their customer service centers online. Online customer service obviously helps consumers, who appreciate the convenience of web-based interaction. (And they love not needing to wait on hold!)

But it can also benefit your business, since it gives you a whole new way to reach consumers – and will help your Customer Service Representative (CSRs) be more productive and more effective at their jobs. To that end, SEDC has created the Online Support Gateway, a secure and private internet-based chat application.

The Online Support Gateway operates as a stand-alone application, but it can be used in conjunction with our utility billing software. When a CSR initiates a chat with a consumer, a wealth of information becomes immediately available, such as:

  • The consumer’s account information screen on SEDC’s CIS billing software
  • The ability to write notes to a specific account information screen
  • A history of previous chats with the consumer
  • Statistics and data pertinent to the consumer’s electric/water/gas account

In addition, the Online Support Gateway allows CSRs to service more than one consumer at a time. And by utilizing pre-programmed templates for common questions and answers, many basic customer service issues can be solved with little effort.

The Online Support Gateway comes with an all-encompassing dashboard, which can be used by executives and administrators to track and monitor the individual efficiency of CSRs, as well as manage every aspect of the online chats.

Plus, full chat histories are automatically stored and instantly viewable, making it easy to gauge the productivity of your CSRs. You can even program the chat application to “block” certain words, ensuring the highest level of professionalism. Make the leap, and connect with SEDC’s Online Support Gateway – it will change the way you view customer service!