An application as flexible and stable as our utilityPOWERnet application deserves a database server to match. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platform offers a unique level of flexibility and stability, coupled with exceptional performance and reliability – ensuring the integrity and security of your data while giving you a wide range of options when selecting your server hardware.

Key Features

  • Design flexibility
  • Ensures end-to-end data integrity
  • Highly compatible with third-party software
  • Industry-standard x86_64 hardware architecture
  • Optimized for highly scalable, multi-cored systems
  • Strong focus on system security as well as the latest encryption technologies
  • Timely, non-disruptive deployment of OS and database patches
  • Supports the industry’s leading enterprise hardware, operating systems and applications



Realize up to 10 times increase in speed – a plus for running intensive programs and operations.

Lower your initial hardware costs over proprietary hardware and operating system configurations.

Experience additional performance and scalability enhancements over prior generation Oracle databases.

Receive top-tier support from well-known and trusted vendors with more than two decades in the industry.

Select from a wide range of options when choosing your server hardware, including the ability to employ server virtualization or to integrate the UPN backend server into an existing in-house virtualization solution.