Provide The Reports You Need To Make Executive Planning Sessions Easy

SEDC executive dashboard’s pre-configured queries are designed to provide exactly the information you need.

SEDC’s utility software suite does more than billing and accounting tasks – it’s designed to be used by executives, as well. The Executive Dashboard is the ultimate tool for upper management, with the ability to display data in the clearest, most concise manner available.

By utilizing a variety of charts and tables, Executive Dashboard provides a graphical representation of data from both the CIS Billing and BIS Accounting side.

Whether you need monthly Bad Debt reports or accurate statistics for payroll, the Dashboard’s pre-configured queries are designed to provide exactly the information you need. And when you take those reports into the boardroom for executive planning sessions, you can be assured that the Dashboard is giving you the most accurate snapshot of your business possible.

Standard CIS Reports

  • Billing Class and Rate
  • kWh Class and Rate
  • Demand Class and Rate
  • Notices Class and Rate
  • Arrangements
  • Bad Debt
  • Service Requests
  • Ancillary Services

Standard Financial Reports (RUS, TVA, FERC)

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Ratios
  • Margins Ratios
  • Power Cost and Operational Ratios
  • Revenue and Expense Ratios
  • Controllable Expenses
  • Budget by Department
  • Bad Debt vs Revenue

Executive Dashboard gives you the power of Trend Analysis, employing three-dimensional graphs, charts, and tables to clearly illustrate even the most complex financial comparisons. Gather your critical information from the pre-configured reports, and take advantage of Dashboard’s tools to put the specific data you need right at your fingertips.

And when you’re ready to analyze the data further or share it with others, you can easily print the reports, view the raw data, or export that data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It’s just another way that UPN is changing the face of utility billing software!