Custom Coding


Cut Down On The Amount Of Paperwork You Have To Handle

Help your utility save money, save time, and experience the benefits of paperless processing.

SEDC’s utility billing software is committed to saving time and money for your utility, and our solutions for Custom and Online Forms are a perfect way to do both. Custom and Online Forms allow consumers to input their own data into SEDC’s CIS billing software, which immediately cuts down on the amount of paperwork your utility has to handle.

Plus, because the data is coming directly from the consumers, and then transferred through SEDC’s billing and accounting system to update consumer’s account(s), Custom and Online Forms have been proven to reduce errors and avoid system wide mistakes which can take months to correct.

  • Give customers access to forms and documents anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate errors by avoiding hand-written information
  • Save forms directly into paperless, electronic format
  • Completely streamline the New Connect and Reconnect processes
  • Accommodate more customers with less work
  • Create Service Orders in seconds with pre-populated data
  • Relieve stress from your CSRs

Custom and Online Forms will save money for your utility by providing the ability to e-mail forms, a free alternative to incurring postage fees and printing costs.

These paperless e-mail forms also expedite the experience for your consumers, since the automatic pre-population of form fields will reduce the amount of time a consumer will spend in the utility or on the phone with a Customer Service Representative. And the entire process is safe and secure:

  • Consumers must review and agree to your utility’s terms and conditions
  • Data is encrypted before being sent to your server
  • Utility CSRs can verify the data before committing the information
  • Optional safety features include Electronic Signature Devices, ID scanning devices, sending forms to an Imaging System, and/or saving the forms to a Local Network

Forms are offered based on the needs of our members, and new forms can be generated specifically for your utility. Just a few of the forms currently available include:

  • Security Light Contracts
  • Application for Service
  • Bank Draft Forms
  • Easements
  • Levelized Billing Contracts
  • Hold Harmless Agreements
  • Name Change Requests
  • Credit Letters
  • Reconnect Forms
  • Disconnect Forms
  • Marketing Documents

So help your customers help your Customer Service Representatives and help your utility save money, save time, and experience the benefits of paperless processing with SEDC’s Custom and Online Forms!