Reliability Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

Handle high call volumes while reducing service hours used for taking calls.

SEDC’s advanced AutoCue IVR customer communications suite delivers cost-effective options for consistent, reliable call handling, day in and day out.

Consumer satisfaction is improved by offering reliable communications through the channels your consumers have come to expect. How can you and your customers benefit from AutoCue IVR?

Your Utility Benefits In Various Ways:

  • AutoCue handles high call volume and all outages will be reported.
  • Only pay for features you choose.
  • Consumers won’t get a busy signal.
  • Service hours used for taking calls are reduced.
  • No setup fees for technical support or hardware.
  • Low upfront costs and no additional monthly costs.
  • Outbound messaging functionality is an included feature at no additional charge.
  • Compliant with Payment Card Industry standards.
  • Optional Messaging Delivery
    • Consistent, reliable message delivery that builds trust with your consumers.
    • Messages are customizable to best reach your community.

Your Customer’s Gain These Benefits:

  • Improved satisfaction through no dropped calls and no busy signals.
  • Credit card and e-check payments are secure and easy.
  • Convenient options to access account information.
  • Reliable delivery of critical news and impending collection activity.
  • Customized features ensure they receive the best service.