MultiService Utility

Software Solutions

Multiple Commodities. One Solution.

Save Time And Improve Efficiency On Your Multiservice Accounts

Electric, water, and gas service may be the core of your offerings, but we at SEDC know that you provide much more than that for your consumers. That’s why our Municipal Software Solutions bring multiple services together in one innovative package – and on one single bill for your consumers.

Our inclusive software suite for Billing and Accounting programs is configured to your utility’s exact needs, to provide itemized billing for such services as garbage collection, sanitation, sewage, cable, internet, cell phones, satellite TV, as well as electric, water, and gas – all on the same bill.

Stop using multiple vendors to maintain multiple services for your consumers. SEDC is your one-stop shop for billing software, accounting solutions, and secure online payment options.

We give your employees all the tools necessary to do their jobs effectively and efficiently – plus, our entire catalog of products is backed with our industry-leading customer service, including Software Support, Hardware Support, and Financial Services Support.

So whether you serve a thousand customers or a million, and whether you offer one service or a hundred, SEDC can bring a new level of productivity to your business and your bills.