Wireless Materials Management

& Bar Coding

Instantly Update & Track Warehouse Materials

Eliminate Manual Data Entry & Maintain Accurate Inventory Records.

SEDC is known for its industry-leading CIS billing and BIS accounting applications, but it also goes places where other utility software can’t be found. One such area is a utility’s warehouse, where materials are stored, shipments are received, and items are sent out to the field.

In many ways, the warehouse is the nerve center of your business – but with so much activity, there are bound to be some problems: items get lost, inventory fails to get itemized, and too many vital tasks are subject to human error.

That’s why SEDC has teamed with ID Solutions to offer the very first Wireless Materials Management (WMM) System created specifically for electric/water/gas accounting software. Now you can give your warehouse crew the power to inquire and update at the warehouse level, using handheld devices which scan items by barcode and automatically upload data into SEDC’s software.

Your warehouse staff will be able to requisition as they’re walking the floor, releasing all the material to the field for that particular day, all in a matter of minutes. And WMM enables your front office to monitor and record charge-backs and salvage items with spot-on accuracy, as they’re happening.

Furthermore, because the inventory system is in an electronic format, it’s no longer necessary to re-enter data at a computer terminal. Both paper inventory and manual data entry are effectively eliminated. And in addition to the reduced workload, Wireless Materials Management assists in:

  • Receiving shipments
  • Maintaining paperless records
  • Transferring materials between warehouses
  • Simplifying end-of-year inventory
  • Tracking materials over long periods of time

Also, because these handheld scanners are so easy to use, inventory can now be done by every employee – they don’t have to learn any software to use it! It’s another way SEDC takes your utility accounting software to the next level, and connects all your employees like never before.