Management (OMS)

Prioritize Restoration Efforts & Easily Dispatch Crews

Reduce Outage Durations, Accelerate Consumer Service, And Provide Real-Time Monitoring Of Meters, Cases, Trucks, Notes, And Switching.

As an all-in-one utility software suite, FuturaOMS is designed to contain an enormous amount of data about your consumers and your shared electronic infrastructure. As such, SEDC’s software is the ideal CIS billing application to interface with Futura System’s Outage Management System (FuturaOMS).

By providing utilities with pertinent information during emergencies, including location predictions and estimated restoration times, FuturaOMS has been proven to reduce outage durations, improve consumer service, and provide real-time monitoring of meters, cases, trucks, notes, and switching.

SEDC’s utility billing software already records outage information, but when integrated with FuturaOMS, users can utilize the web-based map functionality to trace outages to their source. Plus, calls are grouped together to determine whether more than one outage is occurring at the same time.

These steps identify where to send crews and how to prioritize fixing problems. Following restoration, outage statistics and reports are generated, and can be analyzed to prevent future occurrences.

Additionally, the combined power of SEDC and FuturaOMS will immediately benefit your consumers. As soon as an outage is recorded, the data becomes available on both FuturaOMS and SEDC’s software – so Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can reassure consumers by relaying specific information, such as outage groupings, crew locations, and even potential wait times.