GIS Mapping

& Staking

Create A Healthier Flow Of Information Throughout Your Utility

Mapping And Staking Made Easier With An Enterprise Solution.

Synching your AMI system with SEDC’s utility software offers immediate improvements to your infrastructure. It’s another way the software works harder to enhance efficiency, reduce workload, and create a healthier flow of information throughout your utility.

The power of SEDC’s utility billing and accounting software is enhanced when incorporated with the FuturaGIS suite of mapping and staking products. With the reference capabilities of Futura’s comprehensive electric data map model, SEDC users can manage a construction job from start to finish.

Instead of simply processing a Work Order, you can now program the creation of staking designs and project schedules, and then automatically post details to Futura’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

In addition, integration with Futura utilizes two-way communication between SEDC and FuturaGIS, allowing you to configure data and update databases in real time. In a matter of minutes, users can export their entire system, perform a limited export of circuits or substations, or schedule the entire process in a nightly routine.

But the benefits don’t end there. Futura’s real-time web services can also:

  • Validate staking jobs
  • Generate sample staking sheets
  • Estimate labor costs
  • Provide location details for meters and outdoor lighting
  • Connect to Garmin GPS devices used by field crews
  • Work Management

Futura’s browser-based mapping and staking technology is the perfect way to keep up with today’s fast-paced and ever-changing utility systems, and like SEDC’s software, it’s sure to increase the productivity of both your office staff and your field crew.