Leverage The Power Of Automated & Integrated Meter Readings

Ensure Your Meter Readings Are Timely And Accurate.

Now you can leverage the power of Automated Meter Readings with SEDC’s utility billing software, and experience the many benefits of a real-time data interface. Your Meter Readings will be more timely and accurate – plus, automatic updates eliminate the need for manual AMI updates, removing the possibility of human error.

Integration means a better transfer of information to SEDC’s CIS billing software. AMI readings on a number of crucial areas – such as usage information, meter status, outage alerts, and more – are updated in SEDC’s billing system is updated at regularly scheduled intervals.

Once the data is in the software, it can be accessed by your utility’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), dispatchers, and engineers, who can then utilize the information to:

  • Initiate immediate Connect and Disconnect instructions to individual meters
  • Retrieve on-demand information about specific meters and service locations
  • Post up-to-the-minute meter readings directly to a customer’s account
  • Investigate high bill complaints
  • Verify an inactive account
  • Identify possible energy theft
  • Cross-reference your AMI system to update all AMI-ready meters in inventory
  • Perform Bulk Meter Swaps to add new meters, change meter locations, and remove meters from circulation – all without manually creating a single Service Order.