Get Started With The Right Software Protection

Helping you obtain the latest technologies that offer the best critical network protection.

What kind of firewall or new generation end point protection software do you need? How old is your firewall? Does it protect you from the latest hacking techniques?

We can assist you with those determinations and recommend you to reputable vendors who understand your needs. Our security experts regularly research new technologies, and we recommend those options that can best offer critical network protection.

Ongoing Cybersecurity Training & Monitoring Is Key

Get the training support that will keep your utility staff informed and your organization secure

Providing cyber awareness training opportunities to your employees and board members is only effective if the training program is consistently followed and enforced. If your utility does not have the time or resources to properly administer this program, you can still reap the extensive benefits by subscribing to SEDC’s Training Administration Services.

Our Cyber Awareness Education Administrator will initiate training series with your employees, monitor completion and success rates, and provide status updates throughout the entire length of your training subscription. The administrator will activate a new phishing simulation and training campaign each quarter and will actively monitor the series to ensure that each employee not only completes the training but is successful, even if multiple attempts are required. Detailed reports will keep your staff informed on the progress of the training across the organization.