Security Services

Placing More Guards At Your Gate

Power up your cybersecurity workforce to quickly restrict threats to your network.

Managed Security Services (MSS) are the systematic approach to managing your utility’s security needs and provide functionality required by PCI DSS. SEDC MSS is an extension of your utility’s security operations, offering 24/7/365 monitoring of your network and infrastructure from a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC).

SEDC has partnered with AT&T Cybersecurity, formerly AlienVault, an industry-leading developer of commercial solutions for defending against cyber attacks, to offer SEDC MSS to utilities.

Through this partnership, SEDC offers the following services:

  • SIEM and Log Management to correlate and analyze security event data across your network
  • Behavioral Monitoring to identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems
  • Intrusion Detection to detect malicious traffic on your network
  • Vulnerability Assessment to identify systems on your network that are vulnerable to exploits
  • Asset Discovery to find all assets on your network before the criminal element does