Information Security

Program Library

Helping You Develop a Comprehensive Approach To Cybersecurity

Customize your utility’s cyber policies to meet your specific protocols.

The Library includes templates for Policies and Procedures, guidelines and forms that represent best practices for your utility to implement. The Policies and Procedures are prudent rules and guidelines to protect your systems and data. Customize them to meet your utility’s specific protocols.

SEDC’s Information Security Program Library (ISPL) provides an extensive best practices collection of templates, forms, and guidelines to assist you in developing a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for your business processes, your employees, and even your Board of Directors.

An example of an ISPL tool is a cross-matrix of policies and procedures required for PCI DSS compliance. The ISPL is updated as needed to address new advancements in cybersecurity, new and emerging threats, and evolving cyber practices.

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