Cyber Awarness


Strengthen The Weakest Link To Your Network Security

When it comes to being cyber secure, people are a company’s biggest vulnerability.

The most critical step in building a cyber-secure culture is educating your employees. An unintended click on a well disguised phishing email could jeopardize your utility’s and customers’ data, compromise your networks, and potentially inflict financial and operational damages on your utility.

Through our valued partnerships with you and KnowBe4, SEDC Cyber Awareness Education (CAE) offers an affordable series of webinars and phishing tests to educate your staff and board members in protecting your utility and their personal accounts and information.

How does the Cyber Awareness Education program work?

KnowB4’s CAE training philosophy involves four main components:

  1. Baseline training will assess your users’ current knowledge level in terms of cyber awareness.
  2. Train your users through on-demand, interactive modular exercises and provide continuous education through ongoing security “hints and tips” emails. Sample modular cover Ransomware, CEO Fraud, and PCI Compliance.
  3. Test your users with simulated phishing attacks, automated human penetration testing (pentesting) and USB drive testing. 4. Analyze the results through detailed reporting of utility-wide results, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing.