Effective Communication Tools for Streamlined Operations

Simplify your processes so your employees can focus on your customers.

It’s no secret – effective communication is the key to successful utility operations. With SEDC’s Work Management System, your utility’s Operations, Accounting, Engineering and other departments can communicate in real time through a single point of contact – without having to purchase, maintain, install or even open additional software.

Information such as associated jobs and service orders, new service information, site information, fees, requirements and considerations, and a robust calendar and scheduling system are stored in one central location.

 Key Features Make Communication Easy

  • Automatically transfer customer information from work requests to CIS
  • Establish, assign and track Requirements based on your business processes
  • Automatically notify designated users when key milestones are met
  • Use Duration values to automatically calculate project Follow-up Dates
  • Search for open Fees and Requirements that are late or at risk of being overdue
  • Add, change and update job Requirements and Considerations from the field
  • Send email notifications to customer-facing departments when deposits, membership fees and construction costs are entered in Cash Register