Service Portal

Gain More Convenient Ways for Your Customers to Connect

Provide a convenient and secure way to connect with your customers.

The Customer Service Portal can help promote your brand and improve operational efficiency while giving consumers 24/7 access to many of the services you provide – like online bill payment, application to start service, profile updates and much more.

Key Features Offer More Convenient Billing Options

  • Self-service access to a multitude of account services, including:
    • Online Billing Bill – Account and billing history viewable via links to a Bill Payment and Presentment site
    • Credit Card Draft, Bank Draft and Auto Pay
      • Payment via credit card or bank draft, with bank transit numbers validated.
    • Start/Stop Service
    • Alerts & Reminders – Direct pathway for customers to set up Alerts & Reminders based on events you define.
    • Budget and Levelized Billing
    • E-Notifications and e-Bills
    • Account Profile Updates
    • Payment Arrangements
    • Customer Service Online Chat
  • Intuitive, tabbed navigation specified and controlled by your utility.
  • Customizable features, including panels and functionality, graphics, colors and font
  • Standardized business logic applied to all customer arrangement requests