Information System

Cost-Cutting Software That Can Handle All Your Accounting Needs

Payroll, inventory, vehicles, purchases, construction records – your utility deals with many different transactions, and you need accounting software that can handle everything.

SEDC’s utility accounting software saves you time and money by eliminating redundant data entry and reducing payroll expenses, as well as allowing you to track costs for trending and reporting requirements.

And because it has unparalleled integration points with the industry’s leading companies, you gain even more high-level accounting options, including wireless warehouse barcoding, staking, and e-procurement services.

SEDC’s Accounting suite integrates every aspect of your utility’s business into one intuitive system, using a flexible, parameter driven set of modules. If your utility has subsidiary corporations that require their own accounting services, it also offers interconnected, multi-company capabilities.

Navigate with easy-to-use tabs, user-customizable screens, data reporting, point-and-click export options, and advanced, interactive inquiries. Best of all, it automates every function of your utility’s Accounting department, so you’ll see immediate updates to:

  • Employee Timecards
  • Expense Reports
  • Fleet Management
  • Property Management
  • Construction Jobs
  • Invoice Postings
  • Job Scheduling
  • Financial Statements
  • Fixed Assets
  • Human Resources

Other features include data validation, which eliminates common data entry errors and edit lists, and reporting are available at all levels of the system.

Plus, all SEDC Accounting programs are constantly updated to comply with all the latest RUS, TVA, and FERC regulations.