Approval System

Move All Requests Seamlessly Through the Approval Process

Our Automated Approval System Makes It Easy For You to Access and Track All Submitted Forms in One Location

Based on the business rules you configure, our Automated Approval System uses intuitive prompts and notifications to ensure that invoices, general requisitions, leave and sick requests, and requisitions of materials and vehicle parts move smoothly through the approval process.

The Automated Approval dashboard puts all requests in one location – including a history of approvals and exceptions – so you can access everything with a click of a mouse.

Gain Extended Functionality with Key Features

  • Intuitive prompts and notifications
  • Flexible and configurable components designed to fit any business model
  • Multiple approval paths for each request type
  • The ability to process purchase orders and templates
  • Seamless integration with multiple core modules throughout
  • A “Wildcard Search” that allows you to search for an invoice by detail line description or buyer
  • The ability to set up and store a list of preferred manufacturers and packaging
  • Editable comments to individual detail lines that will be seen in the Approval system