Alerts &


Redeem Hours Devoted to Manually Calling Consumers and Inbound Calls to Your Customer Service

Send notifications and voice alerts automatically on events your utility defines.

At SEDC, we believe utility billing software is only as effective as your ability to reach your customers with timely and useful account information. That’s why we’ve paired our flagship utility software, with our automatic Alerts and Reminders system.

SEDC’s automated Alerts and Reminders are a fast and easy way to contact your customers with payment information, account profile changes, energy usage information, and more.

Boost Communication with these Key Features

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Both national and local mobile carriers recognized
  • Deliver message directly to a customer’s mobile phone or email address
  • Completely configurable to meet the needs of your utility and your customers
  • Automatically send alerts and reminders based on events you define
  • History of previously sent message is stored and viewable on CSR customer screen
  • Customers can set up alert preferences via Mobile Apps or your utility’s Customer Service Portal
  • Text, email push notifications and voice alerts include:
    • Due Date
    • Past Due
    • Returned Check
    • Account Profile Change
    • Payment Confirmation
    • High Usage Alerts
    • Pending Auto Disconnect
    • Arrangement Installment Due