Check Processing

Reduce Collection Time & Operational Expenses

Eliminate Time Spent On Collecting And Processing Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) items.

When you factor in collection time, employee hours and the operational expenses associated with processing Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) items, collecting on bad checks can often be a costly, frustrating and time-consuming process.

Our convenient, no-cost Returned Check Processing service has been proven to eliminate up to 80 percent of all un-recovered returned checks – drastically reducing your internal expenses, improving operational efficiency, and even creating a new revenue stream for your utility.

Your Utility Will Benefit From These Key Features:

  • SEDC handles the process to recoup funds from NSF transactions
  • Your utility receives a portion of any processing fees collected by SEDC
  • Special SEDC check endorsement assures items will move through the recovery process
  • Your utility remains paid as rejected checks are re-presented up to two times
  • All NSF items are consolidated into a central SEDC account, reducing fees assessed by the bank