Core Billing &

Accounting Solutions

Only one software program covers every aspect of a utility’s business – and that’s SEDC’s easy-to-use suite of integrated Billing (CIS), Accounting (BIS), and Capital Credit (CC) utility software.



Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. There is no silver bullet that will stop cyber criminals. There is no single method of protection. And most of all, you can’t let your guard down. Our Cyber Resilience Initiative (CRI) Team is constantly researching, refining, and enhancing our cybersecurity services and solutions.



SEDC's software solution is more than billing and accounting. Our core framework delivers a powerful set of features that can streamline workflows and improve efficiencies. And when you’re ready to build on those efficiencies, SEDC has an extended catalog of value added components that can take your utility to the next level, without straining your bottom line.

Bill Printing

& Mailing

As part of SEDC’s end-to-end solution, we offer a high-volume laser printing and mailing service which seamlessly interacts with SEDC's CIS billing software. Utilizing this service for all your billing needs can provide significant savings for your utility’s operational expenses, as well as free up your employees to concentrate on more complex customer service issues.

Bill Payment &

Financial Services

Technology changes at a rapid pace, and you can count on SEDC to always stay ahead of the curve. Our Financial Services address the many ways your customers receive and pay their bills by offering a variety of important features for your utility billing software.

Mapping &


The power of SEDC's utility billing and accounting software is enhanced when incorporated with the Futura Systems’ suite of mapping, staking, and Outage Management products. With the reference capabilities of Futura’s comprehensive electric data map model, SEDC users can manage a construction job from start to finish.



SEDC’s commitment to integration starts with our all-in-one utility software solution which incorporates our industry-leading CIS Billing, BIS Accounting, Engineering and Operations programs. But the possibilities don’t end there – for four decades, SEDC has introduced innovative, cutting-edge technology which seamlessly integrates with our software interface.

Cooperative Utility

Software Solutions

We at SEDC pride ourselves on being part of the Cooperative community, and we understand the unique business challenges faced by Cooperative utilities. That’s why we’ve designed our software to incorporate a robust Capital Credits system alongside our industry-leading Billing, Accounting, Engineering, and Operations functions.

Water Utility

Software Solutions

Are you using technology to your best advantage?

Like water, technology is essential to our lives. The pairing of the two is a natural progression in overcoming the challenges the water industry faces on a daily basis.

Multi-Service Utility

Software Solutions

Electric, water, and gas service may be the core of your offerings, but we at SEDC know that you provide much more than that for your consumers. That’s why our Municipal Software Solutions bring multiple services together in one innovative package – and on one single bill for your consumers.