With customers spread throughout North America, SEDC understands that each region has unique qualities and concerns – which is why we’ve stationed many of our top employees far away from our home office in Atlanta. Our Territory Managers are a team of highly-trained company liaisons who live and work all over the country, so that we can better serve our members in every area of the United States. While most other software providers do not offer this type of service, we feel it’s important to have representatives in close proximity to all of our customers, individuals who know the specific interests, needs, and even regulatory requirements of the many different regions in our great land.

Territory Managers come from a variety of backgrounds – many worked at utilities before coming to SEDC, and others have experience in our Product Support and Field Implementation departments. They have been trained to know all the ins and outs of our software, so that they can answer any question you might have, as well as help determine which products and technologies would benefit your utility. They are also instrumental in getting feedback about what’s working, what’s changing in the industry, and what products our customers want to see in the future. Think of it as local customer service – just one of the many ways SEDC is committed to helping your utility run as smoothly and efficiently as possible!