A Direct Line To The Support You Need

Save time and frustration spent navigating an automated help system, connect with a real, live person.

When you use SEDC for your utility billing and accounting software, you’ll receive the absolute best customer service in the business. Starting on Day 1, our Product Support group provides you and your employees with a direct line to a real, live person – not a voicemail, and not an automated help system.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Support Personnel will not only answer the phone, but they’ll answer any questions you might have about SEDC’s entire suite of utility software.

Extended on-call hours for all time-zones are available, and there are even Support Specialists available to speak to you about SEDC’s CIS Billing, BIS Accounting, Outdoor Lighting, Work Management, and Fleet Management applications.

Our unparalleled phone support is only the beginning. Our support services also include business process audits, regular newsletter updates, and additional training available on-site at your facility, at our Atlanta headquarters, or online via our webinar series.

It’s all part of the way we do business – because at SEDC, complete and comprehensive customer care is our highest priority.Click here to watch as the CEO of Four County EMC discusses the quality and timeliness of the support his utility can rely on from SEDC