Just as UPN’s utility billing and accounting software is backed by our commitment to provide superior hardware solutions, our hardware solutions are backed by SEDC’s expert Technical Support. When you call our Technical Support crew, you’ll speak to a real, live person, instead of being redirected to a voicemail or automated help system. And our personnel are trained to deal with more than just our own suite of products – as a single source solution provider, we provide our members with End-to-End support on everything from systems and networking to desktop, server, bill printing and payment processing questions. Plus, if there’s an installation issue or hardware concern that can’t be fixed over the phone, we’ll contact the vendor for you.

In addition, our IT staff offers many other necessary services, such as network audits and database flashback capabilities, which provide database recovery in the event of major CIS billing or BIS accounting errors. But we don’t just sit around waiting for a call! Our Technical Support group regularly performs “health checks” for all our customers, in which we monitor your hardware (including mobile technology, application and database servers, databases, and more), as well as UPN’s utility billing and accounting software, so that we can find a potential issue before it becomes a real problem. It’s all part of the way we do business – because at SEDC, Complete and Comprehensive Customer Care is our Highest Priority.