Get The Most Out Of Your Software With On-Site Training

Gain a Field Implementation team that provides the personal care and support throughout the deployment process.

Using SEDC for your utility billing software is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make – especially because of the personal care and attention you’ll receive from our Field Implementation group.

Unlike other utility software providers, after SEDC’s Field Implementation team provides expert, on-site training in how to use the software, they will stay with your utility through a complete billing cycle – that’s an entire month long! – to make sure your employees get the most out of our software.

Our Data Conversion specialists, CIS Billing specialists, and BIS Accounting specialists will work side-by-side with your employees to cover such topics as Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Capital Credits. We are committed to ensuring a smooth, effortless transition, and we’re confident that you’ll immediately recognize the benefits of using SEDC for all your utility software needs.

And even after our team leaves your utility, you’ll have a direct line to our industry-leading Product Support group, where you’ll always speak with a real person – not a voicemail, and not a machine – who can walk you through any question you might have.

Plus, we routinely host additional training sessions at our home office in Atlanta, and hold informative webinars throughout the year. It’s all part of the way we do business – because at SEDC, complete and comprehensive customer care is our highest priority.