Bill Payment


A Direct Line To The Support You Need

Save time and frustration spent navigating an automated help system, connect with a real, live person

SEDC’s many Financial Services receive the same high level of support that we provide for utility billing and accounting software and hardware solutions.

So while your utility enjoys the safety and convenience of our many unique product offerings – services such as Lockbox Remittance Processing, MasterCard RPPS, Credit Card Payment Gateway, Returned Check Processing, Remote Payment Terminals, and e-Check Processing – you can keep confident that all these new technologies are backed by live phone support and a courteous, experienced staff.

More importantly, we realize that these services can only be offered if they operate in a safe, secure environment. We take that responsibility very seriously. We are directly responsible for countless transactions and the reconciliation of accounts.

And as the necessary intermediary between multiple payment processors and our member utilities, our Financial Services Support team holds its fiduciary responsibility to the highest standard.

We will work in conjunction with our Technical Support and Product Support personnel to ensure questions are answered, issues are resolved as quickly as possible, and all accounts are balanced.

It’s all part of the way we do business – because at SEDC, Complete and Comprehensive Customer Care is our Highest Priority.