A best-in-class software that is setting new standards. Let Meridian bring you into the future.

Developed Based on Customer Insights

From start to finish, Meridian was created with the end user in mind. Using feedback from utilities like yours, we developed Meridian to solve today’s problems and anticipate innovations down the road. With Meridian, users will be able to take advantage of:

More personalization – From the homepage to personalized columns in reports, users can take the reins and make Meridian work for them.

Intuitive design – Consistent navigation across all modules naturally guides users through their tasks, and global search makes finding what you need quick and easy.

Increased efficiency – Apps can be opened in multiple browser tabs, so you don’t have to close one system to open another.

Single sign-on – Input username and password credentials once, eliminating the need to log in and out of multiple modules.

Personalized Homepage

Your homepage should be a launch pad for your daily tasks and organized in a way that makes sense to you. So, we built Meridian to do just that. The new dashboard can be personalized, and users can easily pin all the apps that they need – and skip over the ones they don’t.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Your feedback allowed us to create the most user-friendly and intuitive system ever. Although we know you and your team will pick up on the new software quickly, we will take extra care in training your utility. Each utility will undergo a personalized four-month training period prior to migrating to Meridian. All employees will be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to be Meridian experts by the time the system goes live.


Take Meridian with you anywhere. Because Meridian is web-based, it’s not tied down to a desktop computer, and it doesn’t require manual install. If you have a signal, you can use Meridian on your phone, tablet, or computer. Utility employees can move easily from the office to the field (or wherever the job may take them) without a second thought. Plus, Meridian implements single sign-on, so users can login once to access all the applications they need.

Reduces Opportunities for Human Error

Intuitive design combined with easier data entry helps limit human error. At every turn, we designed Meridian to think ahead and avoid common mistakes, like mistyping a payroll period or leaving invoice messages on past their expiration date. Plus, it is easy for users to see when data is changed through their account history and journal entries in each module.

Modular System is Easier to Maintain

We know that sometimes technology goes down, but with Meridian, the process to get your software back up and running will be simple and painless. Meridian is a modular system that was built to be edited piece by piece. This means if one element stops working properly and needs to be taken offline for maintenance, the rest of Meridian will stay online and work as normal. Updates can be made easily and released immediately through the web-based platform. Fixes will be permanent solutions, not bandages over problems.

Meridian: Inspired by Efficiency, Designed to Deliver

Learn more about the process behind the innovative, user-centric approach to designing and developing Meridian.


Getting Started: The Vision Behind the Platform

The SEDC Family of Companies recognized a need in our industry for intuitive software that expands the user’s capabilities instead of limiting them. Our vision for the solution led to Meridian.