The Georgia Aquarium Hosted Inaugural ReportIQ19 Users Conference. See why users wanted to share their experience with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, instead of our telling you about our getting a rating of ten out of ten fingers, you could go with two out of two flippers per the Atlanta Aquarium RIQ19 photo.

“Overall, IQ19 was 100% worth the time and money! I learned a lot and came home with many ideas that I can actually implement…and have already. I also made many great connections.”

“I have no background in data collection of any kind. I loved the one on one opportunities that were available. There were so many knowledgeable people in attendance that even if it wasn’t an SEDC employee I was talking with I was still learning.”

“I love that instead of just learning tips and tricks, we had an opportunity to learn from each other too. I made many new connections, many of whom I have already reached out to. I so appreciate the community SEDC is building around Report IQ. “

Participants enjoyed class formats of all kinds, as shown below: And this is also borne out by the enthusiastic feedback SEDC received from the RIQ team’s post-conference survey.

“It was neat to see how SEDC supported the conference and believes in the RIQ team. I think it was a vote of confidence to see the CEO, territory managers, and others from CA, GA, and MDM side at the conference.”

“Everyone was very accessible. If I had a question, it was very easy to find someone that could help me.”

“I think it was really awesome to see how powerful ReportIQ is as a tool. Dan Murray and the InterWorks team were great to hear from as well. I learned many new tricks that I have already implemented. I always find case studies incredibly beneficial as well- IQ19 did not disappoint in this department.”