Whether your utility distributes electricity, natural gas or water, successful utility operations depend on effective communication between a number of groups and departments – from Customer Service Reps (CSRs) and Field Service Reps (FSRs) to Vegetation Management and Emergency Operations personnel. utilityPOWERnet (UPN) – our flagship software program – facilitates inter-departmental communication in one easy-to-use suite of integrated utility Billing (CIS), Accounting (BIS), and Capital Credits (CC) software.

UPN is a powerful, cost-effective solution that can be customized to fit the needs of any utility, whether you’re an Electric Membership Cooperative, a public power provider, or a multi-service municipal utility provider. With its €˜single-point-of-entry’ capabilities, UPN eliminates the need to purchase separate utility software modules to accommodate your Billing, Accounting, Engineering and Operational functions. UPN is designed to be used by every utility employee, including Customer Service Representatives, Field Service Representatives, supervisors and executives, as well as mechanics and warehouse workers – and manages everything from consumer utility payments to employee payroll, with an ease of navigation that has earned raves from utilities around the country.

In addition to integration points with a vast array of third-party products like IVR, credit scoring and e-Procurement, we provide the most versatile utility CIS/Billing and Accounting software available, covering every facet of utility billing and management from meter readings, utility bill payments, bill adjustments, online utility bill payments, service orders and net metering, to work orders, vendor management, requisitions and purchase orders, fleet management, work management, human resources and payroll. In addition to UPN’s core modules, you can easily and affordably expand UPN’s functions to include Mobile Workforce Management, Prepaid Metering and debt management, Outage Management, GIS/mapping and staking, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) capabilities, utility bill printing and mailing services, and even real-time remote payment terminals.

The bottom line? UPN is good for your bottom line. In fact, using UPN for your Cooperative’s utility billing software is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. No other utility software compares in terms of flexibility, customization and ease of use – and no other Cooperative software vendor provides our level of customer support and training. Post-installation training is standard for our cooperative billing and accounting software; however, our Field Implementation team will continue to provide on-site support through a complete billing cycle to make sure your employees get the most out of our cooperative billing software. Our Data Conversion specialists, CIS Billing specialists, and BIS accounting specialists will work side-by-side with your employees to cover such topics as Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Capital Credits to ensure a smooth, effortless transition and ensure you’re realizing the full potential of UPN for all your utility software needs.