When the World Halts Travel for Territory Managers

By Kerry Watson | May 8, 2020


How many times in your life have you been told “Get ready for change”? Those words couldn’t have been heard any clearer over the last month and a half. Who would’ve ever thought that we would be living in a world with no contact, self-isolation, and social distancing? Our world has changed. As all SEDC teams transitioned to working remotely, our main focus remained on our customers. We vowed to do everything we could to make the transition smooth so our customers wouldn’t miss a beat.


As a Territory Manager, I had some major concerns about the elimination of travel. Our typical week schedule consisted of driving many miles or hopping on a plane to our next destination with one focus and goal – to be an advocate for our customers. We communicate. We take care of issues. We like to interact. We like to visit. We make sure our customers are well taken care of so they can focus on their own consumers.


However, that form of in-person connection came to a sudden halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we already had remote work accommodations set in place, no travel at all was a huge change for us. We began to rely more on modern-day technologies to successfully stay connected. We’ve still been able to communicate and assist. We have been able to work on several special projects and provide additional SEDC Support efforts.


As cities and towns begin the process of re-opening, we wait anxiously, (and cautiously) to be able to hit the road again. It’s in our blood. We’re ready to see your charming towns again and visit with some of the best people the country has to offer. Things may not operate just like before. You may see us donning masks and waving big bottles of hand sanitizer, but that won’t stop us from taking care of you. We are your Territory Managers and we want to help you build tomorrow.


Kerry Watson

SEDC Territory Manager