Taking Advanced Analytics To The Next Level

SEDC Enables Cost-Effective Database Performance Enhancements with New Cloud Data Warehouse Powered by Snowflake

SEDC introduces a true game-changer designed to retrieve and analyze big data sets in seconds instead of hours. SEDC is now offering utilities a great opportunity to ensure advanced analytics excellence—currently a vital component to utility operations and one that will hold even greater weight in the future, as utilities strive to further excel in providing consumer-members more economical and reliable service.


Accelerate Cost-Effective Data-Driven Decisions

Utilities face big challenges when it comes to big data. They continue to seek time-saving and cost-effective tools while working with ever-growing amounts of data. Meeting utilities’ challenges, SEDC has teamed up with a leading provider of managed data warehouse services to enable ReportIQ users to easily meet demanding analytical workloads.


SEDC’s partner, Snowflake, architected its top-rated cloud-based solution to scale up and down on the fly, without delay or disruption, to reliably and securely support heavier workloads and use cases.


Ensure Your Analytical Tools Meet Your Needs

The results of SEDC’s newly strengthened platform are just what is needed:

  • A system that is low-cost to maintain, and easy-to-manage;
  • A solution that houses all your data in one system, and works seamlessly and securely;
  • A system that scales on-demand where you only pay for the resources you are using, when you use them;
  • A system that ensures a user-friendly and streamlined experience;
  • A solution designed to easily allow all staff in different lines of business to manage queries and perform a range of analysis functions. 


The Best Tools to Transform Your Data into Insights

SEDC’s ReportIQ is leveraging the Snowflake architecture because it represents the next phase in the evolution of data platforms. Performing advanced analytics functions on large databases requires the right infrastructure, one that functions separately from the in-house systems where the original data resides.


In this way, the Application Programming Interface (API) passing data between systems can function optimally, while the data analysis can be performed on near-real time data uploaded to the cloud from the system as frequently as needed.


The typical use case providing data for this analytics solution includes:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Customer Information System (CIS)
  • Geospatial Information System (GIS)
  • Meter Data Management (MDM)
  • Outage Management System (OMS)


Given the value of performing data analysis off-premise, SEDC’s Snowflake approach represents the next natural step in the evolution of data platforms.


The Evolution of Data Platforms

Operationally, a utility could create big interruptions to the normal operations of key IT systems if it allowed personnel to retrieve big data sets, or run complex queries, directly off of an operational database, rather than querying a separate data warehouse.


It would be uneconomical for any utility to house such a data warehouse, whether on-site or as a private cloud. It would require a massive over-investment in hardware to support such complex queries, since the utility would only use the full capacity of such hardware for a few seconds or minutes on a typical day.


For these reasons, as well as higher security and reliability and a range of other reasons, the benefits of performing advanced analytics on a cloud-based data warehouse are enormous. SEDC’s new platform will continue to enable utilities to make better data-driven decisions, and to achieve operational excellence as they provide greater value to the communities they serve.




The next blog in this series will describe the Tableau and Matillion as additional key partner elements in SEDC’s continuing evolution of its ReportIQ platform to best meet utilities’ advanced analytics needs.