Profiles in Service: Part III

By Peter Manos | April 13, 2021


Successes abound, from remote fiber billing implementations to more complex data conversions


In today’s agile software development environment, SEDC has kept its long-standing focus on putting customer needs first. Agile cross-functional teams enable SEDC to ensure it continues to innovate in ways of greatest benefit to everyone using our solutions.


Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, being on the front-lines for customers includes much more virtual work than before, with video conference calls, smaller online chats, and other methods of remote digital interaction taking precedence.


Shortly after the start of the pandemic, our Product Support teams nimbly shifted to running a large portion of their data conversions and implementations remotely, keeping with preferences expressed by customers who preferred remote work to on-site work in the current environment. Our remote implementations have included a large number of projects completed for Velocity and related broadband fiber billing implementations successfully done on a 100% remote basis.


As Beth Walser, VP of Territory Management and Product Support says, “Our fiber team is doing a great job. We have had a large number of successful fiber implementations, some with billing and Velocity, and others just with billing” Walser adds, “About 80% of our recent projects having been done completely on a remote basis. Their success is an accomplishment that will be deeply appreciated by anyone who has gone through a conversion or major implementation and knows all the planning and configuration and complex steps involved in different phases of such projects.”


When co-ops are looking to add new fiber-based broadband services, some of the complexities stem from the many variations in different co-ops’ starting points, or their local taxation or statewide utility tariff regulations, or their diverse partner and solution environments. Customers benefit now from the Velocity and Product Support teams’ having addressed a wide range of these variations—they benefit from how the team has built a great implementation and data conversion knowledge base.


The large number of completed projects included many Velocity installations, but also included others where the installation of Velocity was not part of the project. The latter category also had variations of its own, including billing projects for fiber, undertaken with the option to add Velocity in the future.


Walser concludes, “We are especially proud of the professionalism and want to highlight the great work our teams have done with new solutions being implemented in new ways. Support has been continually changing and implementing new best practices, and our team has a great mix of new team members and more seasoned staff, and they have all adapted amazingly well.”