Profiles in Service: Part II

By Peter Manos | March 29, 2021



SEDC Product Support personnel bring a wealth of product knowledge and utility experience to the role, yielding high value results for consumers. They are on the front line for customers, in everything from training end-users in new solutions to reliably meeting project data cleansing and data conversion requirements. They bring long-standing expertise in best practices for communications when it comes to supporting customers in the ways the customers want, whether via inbound calls, email, chat, and other methods.

Strong Foundation and Pivotal Role of Product Support

Each member of SEDC Support has strong foundational front line and behind the scenes work expertise that enables them to also be of greatest possible service when handling incoming customer support communications. Not only are they our first line of support, they’re also the key liaison between the customer and other SEDC project teams and departments, playing the pivotal role that ensures everyone is focused on delivering maximal value to customers.

When it comes to getting questions answered and resolving issues, Product Support provides all callers with the opportunity to take a post-call survey. Product Support personnel use these surveys to leverage best-practice insights and customer feedback to maintain continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

Product Support exchanges improvement related ideas and priorities with SEDC’s product developers, to positive ef- fect, and their findings represent a body of helpful knowhow about business and technology trends and related needs of our customers, which helps inform the work of other groups at SEDC.

Along with providing post-implementation go-live support, SEDC Product Support team members do so much more: Everything from staying up to date on all new software releases for customers, to administering webinars and provid- ing other kinds of detailed and expert help in meeting specific customer needs.