Driving Advanced Analytics With Cloud-Based Data Warehousing

If you think cloud-based advanced analytics data warehousing isn’t for your utility, think again.


Clouds Are For More Than Just Data Storage

Even though traditional on-premise data warehouses will continue to fit utilities’ needs for many day-to-day operational solutions, switching to a cloud-based data warehouse offers tremendous advantages when preparing and analyzing large data sets.


As advanced analytics drives ever-greater value, cutting-edge utilities are now seeing the importance of best-in-class data management. Utilities seek to efficiently and effectively manage the way they use data.


Is data warehousing and data transformation in the cloud for you? It could be, because the right cloud platform solves a host of issues and provides a multitude of benefits not available with all but the costliest on-premise solutions.


Avoiding Data Platform Pitfalls

It is recommended that utilities avoid bad data management processes, including exponentially rising costs of working with needlessly redundant copies of large data sets. The right cloud platform provides the ideal capabilities, by cost-effectively keeping critical data secure, up to date, and accurate.

  • Accruing higher data preparation costs
  • Security costs, vulnerabilities and liabilities due to data breaches
  • Redundant data costs, inability to retrieve the current correct version of a dataset
  • Issues related to data quality, including unreliable results due to stale data
  • Costs associated with repeating data preparation processes


What Does An Ideal Enterprise Analytics Data Platform Look Like?

Advanced analytics is driving better business results for everything from customer engagement, to peak demand forecasting, to predicting and preventing distribution equipment failures. But along the way, data environments are becoming more complex and present pitfalls.


It turns out that better management of data is key to ensuring insights from advanced analytics solutions continue to provide great overall positive value. But pitfalls related to data need to be avoided. Otherwise, the benefits of advanced analytics would not be sustainable across the organization.


SEDC ReportIQ: Evolving As Your Needs Evolve

Utilities’ advanced analytics needs continue to evolve, and SEDC ReportIQ stays ahead of the curve. ReportIQ users will have the capability to retrieve and analyze big data sets in seconds that typically take the best-in-class on-premise tools hours.


SEDC maintains that having the right data analytics platform is as important as having the right advanced analytics tools. And to meet your needs, SEDC has stepped up, expanding its platform for ReportIQ with a centralized, cost-effective, secure, scalable, and incredibly fast cloud-based platform.


Built For Transformation In The Cloud

ReportIQ’s cloud-based architecture is state of the art and very reliable. It becomes your gateway to Snowflake’s highly-secure, best-built data warehouse. By utilizing cloud-based data preparation tools, ReportIQ can now enable you to unlock power and transform data from diverse sources into a single analytics-ready cloud data warehouse.


SEDC now enables its Snowflake users to go way beyond simply moving data from on-premises to cloud-based systems, but to also transform the cloud into a scalable and cost-effective part of the ReportIQ advanced analytics platform.


Along with SOC 2, HIPPA, and PCI standards compliance, all data is effectively locked down to all but authorized users. Data is encrypted at all times, whether in transit or at rest.


SEDC ReportIQ Is Your Go-To High-Speed, Pay-As-You-Go, Scalable Solution

It would require a massive on-premise facility to match the enormous, virtually infinite, scalability of the SEDC Snowflake cloud-based solution. Since you only pay for what you use, when you use it, the solution enables utilities to have their advanced analytics perform the exact way they want.


Utilities seek advanced analytics to function the way their best operational tools function, so as to be at an ideal point where the tools help minimize cost and minimize risk while maximizing value and reliability, all in the service of bringing the greatest value to members.


In the case of the community of SEDC utilities, advanced analytics with ReportIQ continues to bring more value across the entire utility enterprise for a growing user base. Along the way, data has now become the new fuel for the advanced analytics utility of the future.


And the future is here, now, as utilities continue their movement toward greater collaboration across the enterprise while working with larger and more complex data sets.