Transform Into A Strategic Powerhouse

Increase revenue and community growth while you protect your member’s data.

Even though Mickey Mouse wasn’t in attendance, there were plenty of amazing characters at TechAdvantage Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.


Electric cooperatives gathered from across the country to demonstrate the latest innovative solutions. The conference provided a great opportunity to engage industry experts in a personal way. TechAdvantage presented new ways to access cutting-edge technology systems aimed at turning you into a strategic powerhouse.


SEDC member cooperative hosted three sessions illustrated transforming technologies to help guide your strategic cooperative planning.


Steve Foshee, GM of Tombigbee EC, details his broadband effort in Northwestern Alabama. Through the session “Broadband for Broad Impact: The Rapid Delivery and Adoption of Broadband in Rural Alabama” he advocated for broadband adoption as a driving force for the survival of small rural towns.


At Tombigbee EC, they prioritize broadband installation as an investment in their future. Broadband connectivity and faster internet speeds are essential to their community and business growth.



In the session “Visualization of Network Security Configuration” Scott Lee, Information Systems Manager of Central Alabama EC, highlighted the value of securing a utilities network and steps towards achieving network protection. Initially, taking inventory of current cybersecurity compliance drives a network security plan.


In addition, creating a network security strategy develops common goals in protect your customer-member’s data. Ongoing cybersecurity education is vital in protecting your system and maintaining a security network.


George Weaver, President/CEO of Central Georgia EMC and Ben Thomason, COO of Central Georgia EMC go beyond engineering in this session “Beyond Engineering: Using Analytics and Dashboards for Operational Planning, Member Engagement, and Personnel Management”.


Both presented the benefits of creating analytical dashboards help customize your cooperative’s operations strategy. They supported how a cooperative gains powerful scheduling management insights and ensures ample coverage for high-volume membership traffic times. Analytics can be used to help members identify energy waste areas and help pinpoint power-saving methods.