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How Much Tech Is Too Much Tech?

By Kristin Avery | May 21, 2020 If you would’ve asked me several months ago, “How much tech is too much tech?” My answer would have involved artificial intelligence and robots that have intermingled with society, forming a futuristic reality. I would have expressed concern about the implications of allowing too much technology into our […]

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When the World Halts Travel for Territory Managers

By Kerry Watson | May 8, 2020   How many times in your life have you been told “Get ready for change”? Those words couldn’t have been heard any clearer over the last month and a half. Who would’ve ever thought that we would be living in a world with no contact, self-isolation, and social […]

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Co-Ops’ Cooperative Spirit Taking The Lead With Solar

By Peter Manos | March 31, 2020   Cooperative spirit and unexpected benefits of community solar go hand-in-hand now more than ever Rural electric cooperatives, as well as several utilities in the municipal and public power district categories, were among the national top ten winners in recent U.S. utility solar rankings.   Solar power leadership […]

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From Express Ponies to Endless Possibilities

By Ally Maisano | March 11, 2020   When you think about social media, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Funny animal videos? Keeping up with family? Memes for days? I’ll tell you what I think, but first let me take you back to 1860 N.S.M (no social media).   So, you wanted […]

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Highlighting Ingenuity In The Renewable Energy Market

By Jared Patton | January 22, 2020   One of the things near the top of the list of reasons I love being part of the SEDC family is that we do work that directly impacts the quality of life of the millions of people who live in the communities we’re able to serve.   […]

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Cracking the Millennial Code

By Kristin Avery | February 14, 2020 Throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen computers get smaller and smaller. I didn’t have a cell phone as a kid, but it’s certainly hard to imagine my life at this moment without one. I had a TV growing up where I had to get off the couch when I […]

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Transform Into A Strategic Powerhouse

Increase revenue and community growth while you protect your member’s data. Even though Mickey Mouse wasn’t in attendance, there were plenty of amazing characters at TechAdvantage Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL.   Electric cooperatives gathered from across the country to demonstrate the latest innovative solutions. The conference provided a great opportunity to engage industry […]

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The Cost of Free Text Alerts

SEDC helped Little Ocmulgee EMC get out of a big crisis, by enabling AutoCue Paid Text Alerts In January 2019, Little Ocmulgee Electric Membership Corporation learned the truth of the saying “You get what you pay for” the hard way. “Our Prepaid customers, all of a sudden, stopped getting our free text alerts,” reports Sandra […]

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