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Enterprise Solutions For Today’s Utilities

SEDC was formed in 1976 by a group of Electric Membership Cooperatives with a vision for a single enterprise solution provider to serve their data processing, IT, and operational needs. Today, the SEDC Family of Companies serves over 500 distribution utilities across the country with the industry’s leading enterprise software solutions.

Our enterprise approach provides seamless functionality across a vast array of utility operations, from CIS/Billing, FIS, and Financial Services, to Mobile Workforce Management, GIS and Engineering, Document Imaging, Interactive Voice Response, Work Management, Cybersecurity, and advanced Visual Analytics. By working with a single vendor for nearly all of their software needs, utilities have the advantage of a consolidated support structure across all integrated software components, speeding the resolution of issues and ensuring that integrated applications interact smoothly and seamlessly. We do not exclude third party integrations, and we welcome the opportunity to serve utilities that want to benefit from the integration capabilities our solutions offer to other third party applications.

In our uncompromising mission to provide utilities with the best solutions available, our subsidiary companies are complementary to our core software offerings. Both Futura Systems and Arista Information Systems enjoy the highest level of seamless integration within our core software, not just in software but in support as well. In addition, both companies are industry leaders, providing software tools and services to hundreds of non-SEDC utilities using third party CIS/Billing and FIS software platforms. Our newest subsidiary, Applied Technology Solutions (ATS), offers a CIS/Billing, FIS, and GIS package that follows a “best in class” approach to operational software.

Powerful Engineering Solutions

Futura Systems, Inc. began 60 years ago as the mapping division of Patterson & Dewar Engineering, ultimately establishing itself as a national leader in innovative and accurate mapping technologies. In 2007, Futura joined with SEDC to offer utilities the very best mapping, staking, outage management, and work order management services available, through SEDC’s utilityPOWERnet application and separately through integration with several other utility software applications.

As an Esri Gold Business Partner and developer/reseller, Futura provides real-time, configurable web-services integration that utilizes mobile internet technology to extend your utility far beyond the doors of your office. Our robust maintenance program contains all the benefits and data-integrity standards you’d find in more expensive systems, but our products are designed to be cost-effective by integrating with both SEDC’s utility software and your utility’s pre-existing web interface.

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Bill Presentation Made Simple


In 2001, Arista Information Systems was brought into the SEDC family in order to offer our customers a paper and electronic billing service which complements our industry-leading utility billing software.

Arista’s goal is to make billing easy – and we accomplish this goal by offering complete printing and mailing services for all of your utility’s bills, invoices, checks, and notices. And all of our products are backed by exceptional customer service, lightning fast processing, and the lowest rates available. We never mark up postage fees, and the added savings are passed on to our customers.

As one of the few independent service bureaus sanctioned by the USPS, Arista uses the MERLIN system to pre-approve outgoing mail and guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on your printing needs. In addition, we can design a custom billing statement for your consumers, with Variable Text Messaging options to let you print multiple targeted messages in the same print run.

Arista currently mails over 9 million pieces throughout each month – and we understand that each piece of mail is important to your utility, and your consumers.

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Committed To Enabling Success


Applied Technology Solutions (ATS), based in Eastern North Carolina, was founded more than 20 years ago with a vision to improve the way utilities function in their day to day business. The driving force behind ATS’ core application, OpenOne, is integration – enter data only once through an easy-to-use web browser and share it throughout the entire organization. OpenOne connects all of your financial, customer information and billing, GIS, outage management, document imaging, mobile workforce management, engineering and customer self service applications together. This all-encompassing integration model delivers substantial employee productivity gains, dramatically improved customer service, and enhanced financial positioning for our customers.

Through the OpenOne suite of applications, ATS delivers comprehensive solutions for the electric, water, waste water, propane and environmental management industries. ATS is committed to enabling our customers to gain the greatest possible success through world-class solutions. The ATS team leverages leading edge technologists and utility business experts with extensive experience in software development, implementation and systems integration and is fully committed to ensuring that every installation of our technology solutions meets the challenges our customers face as the industry continues to grow and evolve.

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